Lillian Berg
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Lillian Berg School
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Vermilion Bay, On
P0V 2V0
Phone: (807) 227-2152 Fax: (807) 227-2243
Teri Jackson, Principal
Ashley Robinson, Administrative Assistant
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About Lillian Berg
About Lillian Berg

Vermilion Bay is one of those unique graphic locations with beautiful Eagle Lake to her south and the Trans-Canada Highway bordering the community's northern section.  During the spring,  summer and fall Vermilion Bay blossoms into an important tourist area. Winter in Vermilion Bay  provides many recreational opportunities as well as a quieter mode of life for local residence.   There is snowmobiling, ice fishing , cross country skiing and of course hockey.  Vermilion Bay is fortunate to have the Woodland Arena next to Lillian Berg School where students enjoy  full access to the facility.  Vermilion Bay also has a Seniors Complex, a Medical Clinic, a Dental Clinic, a Seniors Centre, Community Gardens, a Grocery Store (Co-op), restaurants and bakery. 

Lillian Berg School was established in June of 1975 and was named after Mrs. Lillian Berg who was instrumental in her participation in school programs from 1921 to 1969.  Mrs. Berg was awarded the Ontario Secondary School Federation Lamp of Learning Citation for her unceasing work in education for over 47 years.  At the present time Lillian Berg School has an enrollment of 84 students with classes from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, with 36% of our students self-identified as First Nation, Metis or Inuit.  Lillian Berg has 7 classroom teachers, 6 Educational Assistants, 1 Early Childhood Educator, 1 librarian, 1 Administrative Assistant, and 1 Principal.  Lillian Berg School features a large gymnasium, well-stocked library, a student kitchen and immediate access to the Woodlands arena for skating and hockey, as well as a Baseball Diamond. A Nursery School Hub is also located within the school for preschool aged children. The playground is set in a natural wooded area where students can play on our new playground structures, or play organized games using the basket ball court or soccer field.  Technology plays an important role at Lillian Berg School and is used  as a learning tool in our classrooms.  Students are equipped with laptops, iPads and netbooks and all classrooms have a SMART board as teachers work to prepare our students for success in a dynamic, technology intensive 21st century.  The teachers at Lillian Berg School believe in educating the "whole child" and are committed to using authentic and hands on learning opportunities as well as our  natural outdoor environment to help promote problem solving, curiosity and a love of learning. We provide archery , track and field, and golf programming as part of our regular physical education programs and we promote wellness and self-regulation through Yoga.  All students have an opportunity to participate in extra curricular sports and activities where they participate in local tournaments with other schools within our board. Unique to Lillian Berg School is the biannual school trip to Churchill Manitoba, where students enjoy learning about the local culture and history as well as taking in tundra tours and beluga whale watching tours. Community is important at Lillian Berg School.  We host a variety of community events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas community dinners, an evening Christmas concert , a community Veteran's Breakfast-Remembrance Day Ceremony at the cenotaph and a community talent show. Community members are encouraged to use the school after hours through the community use of school program. Lillian Berg School has an active parent group. Parents volunteer to ensure our students have a hot lunch program offered twice a week and every student has daily access to a free and healthy breakfast which includes cheese, fruit, veggies, cereal, toast or muffins. Communication with parents is important to the staff at Lillian Berg School. We have established an email contact list for parents to receive their newsletters and notices.  Paper copies of newsletters and notices are also available by request of the parent. We have an active Facebook and Webpage which we encourage everyone to read.